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           Destiny Rosato (Graham) was born and raised in Oklahoma.  Her work depicts many themes in concepts and colors of those native to the southwest, while figurately people in her work represent a personal reflection of a season in life. Primarily working with acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, and printmaking. She is self-taught through practice and a sure passion for creating. Continuing her education outside of the studio, Rosato is currently pursuing her D.B.A in Project Management and holds an M.S. in Human Resource Administration and a B.S. in Visual Merchandising and Marketing. Rosato has served on numerous boards and was selected as a part of the 2020 Oklahoma Leadership Arts Program. 

Artist Statement

                "Who we are has nothing to do with our profession, education, or class. In due time, there are only moments meant to define our character, morals, and test our faith." 

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